Construction Services

Construction services offered by Leon Star involves the process of constructing a building, whether it be a residential, commercial or industrial one. It’s always a life investment, which is why you need to be careful when choosing the right team for the task. The Leon Star team disposes of over 15 years of experience when it comes to the construction domain, which can be proven by our services’ quality seen in our Projects page by clicking here.

We dispose of over 15 years of experience in many domains, as well as various certifications and qualifications. Our team is large and ready to help you anytime you want to renovate your building, strip it in order to benefit from an empty and organised space, demolish it in order to build an even better one or to repair it thoroughly.

For a detailed and thorough look at our successful, efficient projects, have a look at our Gallery by clicking here. In order to read a list of testimonials written by our happy and grateful clients, check out our Testimonial page by clicking here. For more details regarding our company, qualities or mission, check out our About Us page here.

In order to benefit from the best services in London, don’t hesitate to contact us simply by filling the form below or by using the provided contact details, via e-mail or phone. A representative of ours will contact you shortly, discussing all your needs and preferences. No matter what kind of services you require, our prices are competitive and advantageous, adapted to all your specifics.

We offer the following construction services

Foundation, the strong core of any building, along with site analysis, excavations, footings, drainage systems, walls, anchor bolts, waterproofing, slabs, and backfill.


Blinding, which means applying a thin concrete layer over the floor of a new building, in order to seal the underlying material.

Remediation services, such as sediment remediation, building decontamination, bio-remediation, and contaminated waste materials disposal.

Make good services;

Walls and plaster walls, with guaranteed durability and resistance

Waterproof walls;


Painting, whether it be interior or exterior;

Steel work;


Windows and doors fixing, for any kind of damage;

Tiles, whether it be installation or repairs;