From the first day we started our collaboration with Leon Star Ltd, we were pleased with the correctness and professionalism they showed. It is a pleasure to work with them and we strongly recommend them!

Emilia Vladu - 07710599409 - Emilia Accountancy Ltd | http://tax-return-uk.co.uk/

We started the collaboration between Leon Star Ltd and Opera Navigation Ltd to develop a good marketing strategy. Together we also developed a professional website. I am pleased and delighted to be working with a serious company with a positive view of business and the future. We are glad to offer our services and we strongly recommend them!

Alexandru Ionut LUCA - 07491105896 – CEO Opera Navigation Ltd | www.operanavigation.co.uk

It was a pleasure to collaborate with Leon Star. They used our skip hire services to remove the construction rubbish for many times. I strongly recommend this construction company from London!

Ion Rotundu - Waste Removal | https://www.waste-removal-london.co.uk/

I have worked with Leon Star Ltd and his men on a demolition job in central London. I found him and all his men to be courteous, hardworking, very up to date with health and safety and more than willing to co-operate and please.</p> <p>He was very well organised and all his men knew their jobs and carried them out effiently. He kept a good record of all activities on site so when there were extras there was always a proper log kept.</p> <p>I would employ Leon Star Ltd again and would have no problem recommending him to other parties.

Tom GIll | Tomgill@risecontracts.co.uk